You May Be An Inspiration And Not Even Know It #Inspiration

I am incredibly fortunate, and although I still have days when I feel self-pity, I try to remind myself that I am so lucky. Why do I say this? It could be for a lot of reasons, but the biggest reason is that I am trained to study what goes on around me. I don’t catch everything, but I do catch a lot. I also have the privilege of others trusting me enough to share personal stories. I learn from those stories — even when folks don’t necessarily know it. Nothing is mundane. Here is what I want you to know:

As you go about the business of living your life, you may serve as a quiet, courageous example to others. People face health issues with bravery. People who have not experienced unconditional love, find the ability to provide just that to their own children. People who choose not to engage in gossip, shaming, and exclusion. People who overcome some of the biggest challenges in life, such as addiction, betrayal, abuse, and the death of loved ones.

If this is you, you may think that you are doing the only thing that you can do — moving forward. However, there are always choices. You could choose to give up. You could choose to become bitter. You could choose to retaliate and perpetuate a negative cycle. It is a choice to transcend. And, I want you to know that others — who see you — who notice you — are affected by you and are, perhaps, even inspired.

I believe that we soak in our environment like a sponge — even if we try not to. If we are around negativity, we absorb some if it. If we are around people who behave badly, we pick up on that. Similarly, we pick up on the good around us even if we are not consciously aware. We may also not be aware that we are providing a positive role model for people around us. They may not tell us. We are going about living our lives with integrity, and that may be inspirational to someone who is watching.

I am absolutely in awe of people who quietly face fears, defeat demons, choose to end cycles of abuse, do the “right” thing when no one is looking, strive to be better than they have to be. I am in awe of the courage I see on a daily basis in even the most boring of circumstances. It is one thing to be an inspiration in the face of applause and praise. It is another thing to be an inspiration through the choices in daily life.

Here is a script in honor of quiet inspiration:

“Some days life is good and easy. Other days, it is so hard to be present and to feel good. When I start feeling self-pity, I am going to remind myself that I have the potential to be an inspiration to people around me — even if I never hear about it. I want to treat others with kindness. I want to be genuine when it seems like everyone else is competing to be something they are not. I want to give when it seems like I live in a take society. I want to tackle my demons with courage even when I don’t feel courageous.

Everyone has a story. Mine is complicated and challenging. I don’t always feel graceful, but that is okay. I accept that I am human, and that is all I can be. I may not always overcome the challenge, but people will know that I showed up and gave my all. I will remind myself that I have a choice in how I face life’s difficulties. I choose to care, to fight when I need to fight, and to let go when I need to let go. People will notice that I didn’t turn a blind eye though.

I don’t look for praise or awards. That isn’t who I am. But, I will take a moment to acknowledge that I am a tough motherfucker who has values. I am the kind of mother fucker who does what I say I will do. If that helps someone else, that is all the thanks I need. I am going to remind myself more often that even the smallest thing I do may touch someone in ways that I don’t even know. How good is that feeling?!”

I dedicate this script to all of the amazing, wonderful people who trust me enough to share their experiences, to my friends, to my colleagues, to everyone out there going about the business of life with integrity and humility. Much love. MOMF.



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