WHAT IF thinking is a hallmark of anxiety, but it is not reality.

WHAT IF I have a brain tumor?

WHAT IF something terrible happens to someone I love?

WHAT IF the plane goes down?

WHAT IF we put a spin on WHAT IF thinking….?

WHAT IF we spend all of today planning solutions to disaster scenarios for tomorrow and tomorrow doesn’t actually come?

WHAT IF we make ourselves miserable today about what may happen tomorrow and thing don’t go how we planned at all?

WHAT IF we I lose this moment to every possible thing that may go wrong but doesn’t? or it does go wrong, and didn’t have to extend the pain?


WHAT IF we allowed ourselves to be open to all of the potential good that might happen in our lives if only we took a risk?

WHAT IF we imagined that we could do anything we set our minds to?

WHAT IF we allowed ourselves to be grateful for learning instead of ashamed at things we label “failure”?

WHAT IF we said encouraging things to ourselves like we would say to a good friend?

WHAT IF we said “fuck it” to all of the fear and intimidation that keeps us from doing what we want?

WHAT IF we said “fuck you” to all that keeps us bogged down?

WHAT IF we said “fuck off” to all of the doubts, guilt, social judgment, and self-flagellation that keeps us in what didn’t work yesterday?

WHAT IF we said “fuck yeah” to possibilities without making ourselves sick?

WHAT IF we said it’s “fucking okay” when we find something doesn’t work like we thought?

WHAT IF we really worked to live in this moment (because it is work)?

How would our lives be different?

Every time we catch a WHAT IF fear-based thought, replace it with a WHAT IF possibility. It takes work, but what worthwhile in life doesn’t?

WHAT IF…… (fill in the blank)…. it’s wide open.

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